Minnesota NAHRO Spring Conference 2019 Sessions 

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Wednesday 1:30pm:

HCV Housing Quality Standards With Nan McKay (Begins at 10AM) Day 1 of 3
Maintain strong ties with owners and the community by ensuring inspectors thoroughly understand the required elements of HUD's housing quality standards (HQS) for the voucher program. This comprehensive three-day training provides information on general room standards, kitchens, bathrooms, electricity, plumbing, and security, including the lead-based paint regulations. Day 3 involves a site inspection and analysis of inspection results focusing on the four SEMAP indicators that relate to HQS inspections. This seminar has been fully updated for HUD's latest guidance regarding biennial inspections and includes a discussion of UPCS-V.

Commissioners Fundamentals Day 1 of 2
Enhance your understanding of the commissioner's multi-faceted position as advocate, leader, team-builder, strategist-and more. This two day workshop will Increase your effectiveness as a board member and leader, while exploring the intricacies of board-staff relationships and boundaries. An excellent training foundation for new commissioners and a great opportunity for any commissioner who wants a refresher.

Repositioning Public Housing Part 1 of 2
Beginning in 2019, many housing authorities will need to determine if converting their public housing program would be beneficial and promote long term sustainability. In order to make this determination, there are many questions for housing authorities to address including:

  • What does repositioning of public housing mean and why does it matter now?
  • What options are available especially for PH programs with less than 100 units?
  • What are the pros and cons of converting to another program and leaving PH?
  • What is RAD and is it a good option for my agency?
  • I have a POHP grant, how does that impact my conversion strategy?
  • What is the impact on our residents?
  • What are the steps in the conversion process?

Get answers to these questions and many more with our two part series featuring a national expert and HUD Technical Assistance provider, Shannon Lestan from Recap Advisors.

Using TIF & Other Local Tools to Increase HRA Revenue
Through a case study, the session will provide an overview of a redevelopment project that utilizes Housing Tax Increment Financing (TIF) package to create 250 rental units with 10
0 of the units serving households at 60% AMI or less.

Learning Objectives:

  • This session will highlight the process that was used to develop and approve the $14 million TIF package;
  • Review the impetus for the project, market realities, and how the vision was set with local leaders;
  • How the redevelopment was accomplished, the financing tools involved, and the anticipated impact on future affordable housing through the use of a local Housing Trust Fund;   
  • Discuss lessons learned and strategies for success

Rent Calc Refresh for Section 8
This seminar will provide an overview the Section 8 income calculation guidelines.  The guidelines can be applied to federally funded rehab and other programs.

Income Eligibility Calculation for Rehab

Wednesday 3:15pm:

Repositioning Public Housing Part 2 of 2

Using Prevention and Harm Reduction Strategies to Promote Resident Success
It is critical that we begin to evaluate our business practices and create strategies that will provide the best opportunities for families we serve to success. Jennifer will provide you the perspective of the work her housing authority is doing (along with other national examples) to offer education, support, flexibility and compassion in programming.

Energy Efficiency in Rehab
This session will examine Minnesota’s Weatherization Program and how it relates to rehab from a weatherization inspector’s viewpoint.  We will discuss current weatherization technology that could make homes safer, more comfortable and efficient as part of the rehabilitation process.

Thursday 8:30am:

HCV Housing Quality Standards With Nan McKay  Day 2 of 3

Commissioner Fundamentals Day 2 of 2

Repositioning Public Housing MN Examples
Learn from your colleagues in Minnesota on why and how they converted their public housing programs. Our panel presents several Minnesota housing authorities that successfully repositioned their program. Through lessons learned and what they would have done differently, this session will help you better understand how to approach converting your public housing program.

This session will outline the multiple HUD systems that are critical for PHAs to use and understand as required for complete and timely HUD reporting.  This class will highlight how to get access,  how to assign your staff access, the purpose of each system,  and roles of HUD and PHA’s in working with each system.  This session is geared for all PHA staff who use HUD systems on a daily basis or monthly basis.  Come ready to  learn how to maneuver through the HUD systems  or alphabet soup!

Hot Topics in Rehab: After the Bids Come Back & Overview on Lien Waivers

Part I (40 minutes) – After the Bids Come Back - Judy Flemming, Hutchinson HRA

What are the next steps of managing an owner-occupied rehab project after the bids come back? In this session we will give some tips on the Pre-construction meeting/loan closing, construction management, pay requests and project completion/close-out.

Part II (40 minutes) – Overview on Lien Waivers – Mark Hanson, Dakota County CDA

Get ready for a deep dive on lien waivers and how best to protect your homeowners from mechanics liens.

Thursday 10:15am:

Repositioning Public Housing Running the Numbers
The decision to convert your public housing program will be determined by whether it makes financial sense for long term. To make this determination, however, there are many considerations beyond just the program requirements and this session will provide examples of how to assess your portfolio and consider your various options. Lots of time will be provided to allow for questions and answers.

Tenant Protections in a Tight Housing Market
The purpose of this session is to provide an overview of the how the City of St Louis Park and Bloomington addressed the loss of naturally occurring affordable housing (NOAH) and the impact on low income tenants in their community.  In a tight housing market, keeping affordable housing can be challenging and maintaining landlords in our programs even more difficult.  This session will cover how these ordinances came about, the process used to garner community and political support, how stakeholders were engaged plus the lessons learned and strategies for success.  

MHFA Rehabilitation Loan Program Overview
Minnesota Housing’s Rehabilitation Loan Program (RLP) has been an important funding resource for low income homeowners throughout the state of Minnesota for over forty years. This session will provide an overview of the program, how lenders are promoting participation and how the program preserves affordable housing in communities across the state.

Thursday 1:30pm:

POHP Orientation and Overview
You received your selection letter from Minnesota Housing, celebrated getting funding for your POHP project, and told your board the great news. Now what? This session is for selected applicants and will provide an overview of this year’s POHP funding round. It is a great orientation for new and seasoned POHP recipients. Minnesota Housing staff will be on hand to answer your questions.

De-escalation Techniques for Housing Professionals Part 1 of 2 This class examines and practices nonverbal and verbal strategies that help to lower the intensity of a potentially violent encounter with an upset person. Introduces a framework for understanding the nature of upset encounters and discusses common mistakes that people make in attempting to diffuse them. The intervention begins with “checking oneself” and establishing good control of one’s nonverbals, including pace and tone of voice. From there, the class examines and practices some verbal responses, that effectively de-escalate while avoid being confrontational. 

Rehab: A Contractors Point of View Terry Quick from Quick Construction will give a contractor’s perspective on single family, owner-occupied rehab programs; what he likes and what can be improved.

Thursday 3:15pm:

HUD Perspective on Repositioning Public Housing
The final session to our series features HUD Minneapolis Field Staff who will provide their perspective on HUD's  repositioning initiative. In addition, meet the HUD staff including the Repositioning Expeditors who will help you along the way as your agency considers these changes. Finally, this session will address next steps as you consider the best approach for your agency and the disposition on your public housing units in your community. 

De-escalation Techniques for Housing Professionals Part 2 of 2

Friday 9:00am

HCV Housing Quality Standards With Nan McKay Day 3 of 3

HUD Round Table During this popular session, participants will be able to ask questions, discuss issues and concerns with peers, and problem solve with local HUD representatives. HUD representatives will address any questions and provide information on “Hot Topics”, updates and reminders.  Your “on the spot” questions will also be answered during this session with the help of HUD and your fellow PHAs. 

  • 9am HUD Roundtable for Public Housing 
  • 10am HUD Roundtable for Housing Choice Vouchers/Section 8

Rehab Round Table (Starts at 9:30am)Bring your questions, concerns and ideas to bounce off your peers in the world of single-family rehab.  This is a great opportunity to discuss topics that may not be large enough for seminars of their own. 

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