Session Descriptions

Wednesday 1:30pm:

Update Your Admin Plan with Nan McKay (Two Day National Training)
Our two day national training will help your HRA update your HCV Administration Plan.  With many recent changes of HUD rules and guidelines, this training will ensure you have what you need to bring your Admin plan up to date.  The training includes an overview of Admin Plan basics, outlines plan requirements, plus highlights the impact of recent updates like HOTMA & the Streamlining Rule.  The training will also provide an overview of where an agency has local discretion and how to implement these changes once you return to your office.

Labor Standards 101 & 202
When undertaking a major construction project, housing authorities have many responsibilities including compliance with the Federal prevailing wage requirements under the Davis-Bacon and Related Acts. This two part session will provide agencies information and training to help ensure compliance with Labor Standards provisions, Davis Bacon, and Related Acts on HUD funded projects. Topics include applicability, contracts and responsibilities, reporting requirements, certified payroll completion, fringe benefits and other program requirements.  Speaker: Loretta Szweduik, Contractor Industrial Relations Specialist, HUD Office of Davis Bacon & Labor Standards

Ask the Landlord Attorney
This popular session allows attendees to ask questions of a housing attorney who represents landlords with Section 8 units. Many of the issues include the legal implications of hoarding or the complexities of fair housing requirements.  With a tight rental market and a serious lack of affordable rental housing, HCV programs are working hard to partner with landlords and keep them in the program. This is a great opportunity to ask questions of a lawyer with housing law experience on some of the thorniest issues you face. 

Small cities application completion for Public Housing Rehab Projects
Did you know the Small Cities Development Program can complement the POHP funding? In this session, find out how these funding sources can be coordinated to help your community address critical rehabilitation needs. Program administrators will share best practices and lessons learned.

CR&D Tour Featuring Single Family Home Development, Downtown Revitalization & Redevelopment of Public Spaces
The Brainerd Area has a lot going on! This year our CR&D Tour will feature three different projects in the area.  First will be a tour of Brainerd Oaks which is an affordable single family housing development.  Second will be a look at the redevelopment work to revitalize downtown Brainerd.  And finally, the tour will look to the creation of open public spaces along the Mississippi River.  This tour will leave at 1:30pm and return by 4:30pm – transportation will be provided.

Wednesday 3:15pm:

How to EPIC
EPIC, say what?  What is this?  EPIC is the new HUD system that has been put in place for all PHAs participating in the Public Housing program and who are receiving capital funding, to submit the Capital Fund program 5-Year action plans and budgets electronically.  If you are not aware of the PIH Notice 2016-21 and all that it entails, this course is for you.  HUD representative(s) will present and explain the new EPIC system, discuss the notice and guidance on the electronic automation, timing of this requirement and how it relates to your fiscal year end and much more.  EPIC wants you!

Small Cities Development Program -  Income Verifications
Ensuring that homeowners qualify for the Small Cities Development Program Funding is a critical part of the program administration. But it can be complicated especially with different kinds of income and assets. This session will walk you through how to calculate and verify income of program participants plus sort through some of the more complicated issues that may arise.

Thursday 8:30am:

Communicating Effectively with Clients & Residents
While customer service is important, it can be difficult in today’s work environment.  This session will provide tools and techniques to help staff deal with difficult people, respond effectively to emotional clients and respond to conflict.  Many of the strategies will focus on effective communication strategies to build rapport, trust and respect with clients and colleagues.  Speaker: Lisa Sorenson of Sorensen Consulting

Procurement Experience from the Field
Procurement is complicated and pitfalls happen even when you have a good process in place. This session will features the experience of how an agency overhauled its procurement process and the lesson learned along the way. Plus how to tackle procurement from a small agency perspective.  With a new round of POHP funds expected, this session can serve as a refresher to help you get ready for your POHP project.

Lead Based Paint Update
Lead paint and the danger it poses has been in the news recently so it is on the top of minds for many residents. The Department of Health will discuss proposed rule changes and the status of the adoption of those changes. Don’t miss this opportunity to find out about the Lead Rule from state experts.

Commissioners Round Table
Calling all commissioners. Engage with your peers about your role as a commissioner. Bring your ideas, issues, best practices, lessons learned – anything about HRAs you want to discuss. This session is always a favorite of commissioner attendees!

Thursday 10:15am:

The Power of Mentoring
This session will be presented by Barb Sporlein, Deputy Commissioner of the Minnesota Housing Finance Agency. She will provide an overview of her personal mentee and mentor journey throughout her life and career; highlight the benefits of mentoring to mentee, mentor, and the organization; highlight elements of an effective mentor program; and reflect on lessons learned. She will then open it up to Q and A with audience members. Speaker: Barb Sporlein, Deputy Commissioner, Minnesota Housing Finance Agency

Minnesota Housing Rehabilitation Loan Program – Where are we now?
Minnesota Housing’s Rehabilitation Loan Program (RLP) has been an important funding resource throughout the state of Minnesota for low-income homeowners. This session will provide an overview of the current program, discuss how agencies are promoting participation and how the program preserves affordable housing in communities across the state.

ED & Board Performance Management
One of the most important responsibilities of the HRA Board is to conduct an annual performance review of the Executive Director.  This session will to provide a step by step process to help Commissioners conduct an effective performance review of their Executive Director including assessment, evaluation and providing constructive feedback.  Geared towards Commissioners, this session is open to anyone interested in performance management. Speaker: Kelly Rietow of Roo Solutions

Thursday 1:30pm:

Stress Management in the Workplace
In today’s work environment, stress is caused by many difference factors including difficult residents, funding challenges, issues with co-workers just to name a few. While stress factors are not going away, how we respond to them can change.  This session will provide tips and strategies to help you respond effectively and mindfully to these factors to reduce your stress and improve your work life experience.  Speaker: Lisa Sorenson of Sorensen Consulting

Update of Downtown  Brainerd Rehabilitation
The City of Brainerd has undertaken a significant redevelopment initiative and part of the program has been to ensure the rehabilitation of commercial and residential properties.  This two part session will use examples and case studies plus walk you through how the housing authority implemented this program.

Racial Equity and the Role of Local Government
Racial inequality is not random but has been created over time. This session will discuss how local government can proactively work to advance racial equity, focusing on eliminating inequities and increasing success for all. Topics include effective approaches that have an impact, as well as examples from cities and counties that provide the opportunity to learn from the experiences of others. This session will expand upon the plenary session and provide more about the growing movement to create an effective and inclusive democracy that advances racial equity.

Thursday 3:15pm:

In Depth Client Interviews: Key Elements and Data Requirements
Conducting a client interview has many components and is a critical part of the process.  This session will provide an overview of the key elements of an interview to ensure a complete application, determine program eligibility, assess the correct calculation of rent and gather other data requirements.  In addition, the client interview is a key interaction which impacts the perception of the agency and often requires staff ask complicated and sometimes awkward questions so there is no perception of discrimination.  This class will provide techniques needed to conduct effective and in-depth interviews.  Speaker: Juanita Pekay of Janken Housing Solutions Inc

Hoarding:  A Complex Issue
Hoarding is a complex mental health condition that has public safety implications.  A multidisciplinary approach is found to provide better outcomes for all involved.  We will provide a brief overview of Hoarding disorder.  Important things to consider when helping someone struggling with this disorder will be discussed.  Cases studies will be reviewed. Speaker: Renee Kotlarz, PHN and another member of MN Hoarding Task Force TBD

Communicating Up, Down & Across Your Organization
It can happen at a moment’s notice: you need to communicate a new idea,  influence others to support your proposal or inspire staff to make a change. Are you prepared to communicate with anyone in your organization? Can you frame your message so that people feel connected to you? As a Commissioner, staff or executive leader, you want to communicate effectively regardless of your role in your agency.  This communications session will help improve your leadership skills and how you interact with coworkers, supervisors and board leadership.  Topics include how to address generation gaps, create buy in, and build influence – all critical skills as a leader in your HRA. Speaker: Kelly Rietow of Roo Solutions

Friday 8:30am

HUD Round Table
During this popular session, participants will be able to ask questions, discuss issues and concerns with peers, and problem solve with local HUD representatives. HUD representatives will address any questions and provide information on “Hot Topics”, updates and reminders.  Your “on the spot” questions will also be answered during this session with the help of HUD and your fellow PHAs.

Public Housing Policy & Forms Swap
Upon request, Minnesota NAHRO is returning with this session which taps into the experience of our members.  By sharing policy and forms used at your agency, participants will identify best practices used across the state.  Bring two copies of your best forms and policies to this session.  Plan to share why they work and in return, you will receive access to the best forms and policies provided by other participants.  Minnesota NAHRO will collect the forms and policies and post them electronically for reference by Minnesota NAHRO members.

Rehab Roundtable/Form Swap
Open discussion for rehab professionals to tap into the expertise and experience of your peers. It Is a great way to exchange knowledge and learn from colleagues.  Even better, Minnesota NAHRO will collect forms that you would like to share and post the samples to our website for reference when you need it. 

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